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Welcome to my design studio.

My name is Lyndsey Barrett... Owner of this creative place. I am someone who’s got a serious passion for communicating in fresh and artistic ways. There is so much mediocrity out there, and it clamors for our attention and clutters our brains. I help my clients to rise above that, from mediocrity to excellence. From mundane to extraordinary. From boring to well-thought-out creativity. Logos, branding, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, postcards, newsletters, ads, posters, banners, forms, catalogs, websites... You get the idea. I've been at it for more than a decade and I love what I do! So go ahead... Browse this site, check out the project gallery and then contact me. I promise to make you look good. :)


Why invest in graphic design services?

Your competition is everywhere. You need a competitive edge, and really... you can't afford not to market your business creatively and effectively. A quality designed brand is not a luxury. It is an essential business strategy and if you ignore the necessity, you lose potential business. Access to great designers and tools are everywhere, and if you don't use them your competition will. People are visual. What we communicate visually matters. It's not enough to throw some text down, deck it out in Papyrus (lord, no! Just no.) and call it a logo. Truly. My expertise and years in the industry will give you so much more than that. Your small investment now will serve you for a long time to come.

Think about the business card you hand out. It is the first impression you will make on many potential clients. And your website... It's a storefront and needs 'curb appeal' to stand out. What about your brochure? Have you ever thought about the fact that it's an invitation for people to invest their time learning more about what your company has to offer them? What you put out there matters. The quality of your company's image will either draw people in or turn them away... So, who ever said looks don't matter? :)

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Streamlined & responsive web design.

After years of specializing primarily in design for print media, I have added web design to my services. This was born out of a need to provide small business owners with a way to create an online presence that is both eye-catching and affordable. Very few small businesses have thousands (or tens of thousands!) of dollars to spend launching a website. Yet having a modern, fully functional, beautiful site is a MUST in this day and age. Even if it's just a SPLASH page for goodness sake... show people that you are THERE! It really is a sign of credibility and a source of communication with clients and potential clients. That's where I come in. My sites are as affordable as they come. Every site I design ties in my clients' look & feel (branding) so that their online environment is consistent with what their customers know of them. Every site I design is "responsive," which means it is automatically mobile-friendly and will adapt itself to any viewer's phone, tablet, or screen. Clients who want a more "hands on" approach with their site are given admin rights and access so they can tackle ongoing updates if they prefer. So whatever your need is - whether it's a brand new site for a business you're launching, or an updated site (bye-bye 1999 clunky site!) - connect with me. I can make it happen for you.


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