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Jane, thank you so much for the chance to work on your project with you! I hope you are thrilled with the outcome. One thing I do for clients who don’t use the built-in time for revisions, is I provide a Brand Board like what you see below. This is usually an “add on” service but I am throwing it in complimentary for you. This file below is included in what you will download. It is a handy reference of each element I am providing for you, and showcases your color palette as well as suggested fonts. The horizontal logo layout is provided for scenarios where you have a tight narrow space (think web header, email header, etc). It is a “use only if you need to” option and your “default” should be to use the full main logo wherever you can! I hope that makes sense. As for the fonts, I threw in a recommendation for using (sparingly but consistently) a “not too feminine” hand-lettered font. It really pairs nicely with the logo, and it adds the feel of a personal touch. I could see your tagline possibly being set in this font. Or your name on your business cards. Just some ideas! Please let me know if you have any questions. I wish you the best as you move forward with your endeavor! ~Lyndsey