Dear Treasured Clients,

I am who I am as a designer in part because of you. For nearly two decades I have served you as you've put your trust in my design skill and expertise. My business has never stopped growing, and I have never had to advertise as your confident word-of-mouth sends new clients my way all the time. I am grateful! I love what I do, and I look forward to continuing to serve small businesses so they can rise above the mundane when it comes to their visual strategy. 

One thing that I have not done in my nearly two decades as a freelancer is have regular rate increases. On average, an established designer raises rates once or twice each year. At this point I'm averaging a rate increase once a decade. :) So it's time. 

It's time because I bring a whole lot more to the table than I did earlier in this gig. 

It's time because I work a heck of a lot faster than a newbie designer and can accomplish in an hour what a less-experienced designer might take three or four hours to do, yet with the skill and eye that two decades have allowed me to acquire. (It's easy to find a brand-new designer only charging $25/hr, but if they take four hours to do what can be done in one, you're actually paying more for a "lower end" outcome.)

It's time because I've always valued staying on the top-end of technology, which is increasingly expensive. A spec'd-out workstation with loads of storage and speed, an ongoing subscription to industry-standard design tools and software, etc... I don't cut corners when it comes to using the right tools for my clients. Costs have undoubtedly gone up in the last few years and it's time for my rates to reflect that.

Therefore, beginning June 1, 2018 my hourly rate will be increasing to $95. My colleagues with similar experience and skill-level charge, on average, between $150-$250/hr. So while this increase is my biggest to date, it's only the second or so in years, and it's still well below average rates.

I appreciate that you put your trust in me! Our creative partnership is such a valuable business asset. Studies show that consumers often make decisions in as little as one-third of a second when they see something your company puts out there - a card, a mailer, a website, an ad... Don't ever doubt the power behind good design. Strategic design adds huge value to your business!

In closing, as we move forward into the future,

  • you can expect the same great service you've always received from me,

  • you can expect the same full-service design/web/print offerings I have always had,

  • you can expect your work to continue to be performed on industry-standard design software,

  • you can expect me to stay on the current edge of design trends to keep you looking fresh and keep your visual strategy effective,

  • you can expect all of it to continue to get better over time as I never stop learning, growing and refining my design skills.

Thank you for reading this, and please let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate you!

All the best,

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