Cork 49 / Bob Thompson / Revised May 29
ID: file-preview-cork-49

Menu Design

Hey Bob! Here is a start to the menu design. There are two ideas below, my thought is one would be your Bottle List and the other would be your "Everything Else" menu... It's hard to move it further along or envision if this approach works until I have actual and complete content, but I think this will be a great start to build from. The two files with "less" on them show what you might have pre-printed as your template, the piece you'd send through your printer to add the actual menu items. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you! ~Lyndsey

PS- I know you're waiting on a phone number, so I'll drop in the "real" one when you get it. Also, I left a placeholder for a website. If you have one (or will have one), let's definitely make sure that URL gets on every piece possible.


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